YouTube allows creators to offer online courses. |

YouTube allows creators to offer online courses.

The Google-owned video-sharing platform allows users to do free or paid tutorials with their three new features; YouTube player for education, lessons and quizzes.

In a statement, YouTube said: “To improve the YouTube experience in education environments, we are launching YouTube Player for Education – a new embedded YouTube player that displays content from commonly used education apps without distractions such as ads, links external sources or recommendations.”

They added that the new video player will “enhance the existing built-in YouTube player in Google Classroom for an even better YouTube experience.”

Additionally, YouTube is teaming up with educational services like EDpuzzle and Purdue University to increase the availability of the new video feature.

The courses are designed to increase users’ chances of learning new skills on YouTube, aiming to compete with platforms such as Udemy or Masterclass.

“Next year, qualified creators can begin offering free or paid courses to provide in-depth and structured learning experiences for viewers. Viewers who choose to purchase a course can watch the video ad-free and play it in background.”

They called the quizzes “a new way for creators to help viewers test their knowledge.”

YouTube has already started rolling out the YouTube Player for Education and will provide a beta for classes in the US and South Korea in 2023 with a quiz coming with a beta “over the next few months ‘before'” all creators who have the Community tab will be able to use it next year.

Karen O. Fielding