Utah Museum of Natural History Launches Online Triceratops Traits Program

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Museum of Natural History (NHMU) launched a new virtual learning tool called Triceratops Traits. The new program is part of the museum’s existing program research quest education program.

About the Natural History Museum of Utah’s New Program

Triceratops Traits is designed to educate students in grades 6-8 about the evolution, extinction, and diversity of life forms. Students will work with paleontologists to solve mysteries by studying data from the fossil record.

“We are excited to expand our library of Research Quest surveys. The program is a powerful tool for middle school science teachers to develop their students’ critical thinking skills,” said Dr. Jason Cryan, Executive Director of NHMU.

Research Quest is led by Merinda Davis, NHMU’s Digital Learning and Curriculum Coordinator. Each of the ten surveys can be used alone or in conjunction as a tool to develop critical thinking skills.

In games, students confront real-world questions, study evidence, and create their own theories using interactive learning techniques.

“Students will use the same tools used by professional scientists to assess the relationships between famous dinosaurs like Triceratops,” said Dr. Mark Loewen, vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Utah’s Museum of Natural History. Utah.

“The multiple modules of this survey will be both interesting and engaging for students and teachers as they learn about the life that inhabited the West millions of years ago,” Loewen said.

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