These Super Affordable Online Courses Prove It’s Easy to Learn Something New

Doing the same monotonous tasks every day can really affect your mind. That’s why many adults of all ages take the time to learn something new, whether it’s to spice up their day a little or make a complete career turnaround. And with fantastic e-learning programs like the five listed below, you can invest in your own education without worrying about breaking the bank. In fact, some of them are completely free or even heavily discounted.

Check out these five e-learning courses on sale at the Back to Education event! But act fast – they’ll only be available until August 24. Additionally, $0.50 from every e-learning course and package sold during this promotion will be donated to a school or charity that you vote for via an email you receive after purchase. . These organizations help address issues affecting children in need, such as underfunded schools and food insecurity. You can contribute to a great cause while investing in your own education. We will announce the winner of the vote once the Back to Education event is over.

Traditional music lessons can cost a fortune, which is probably why you’ve never let yourself explore your musical side as an adult – but with this program featuring eight music lessons for less than $4.50 a pop, you can certainly afford to get up to speed. From beginner guitar lessons and musical arrangement to theory and songwriting on the popular Ableton platform, these lessons, which are all taught by experienced musicians and instructors, are ideal for learners. of all levels of experience. There’s even a course that shows you how to market yourself as a musician!

Helping others achieve their fitness goals can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative – as long as you have the right training, of course. And with this four-week course, you’ll explore what it means to be a goal-oriented motivator, how to organize personalized nutrition and workout plans, and so much more, all for literally $0. Led by the brilliant minds of the respected Upskillist, all of the fitness classes offered in this program are designed to help you become a trusted authority in the field.

Do you wish you could refresh your technical drawing to match today’s standards? Save your money and opt for this four-week course that offers eight hours of content covering the basics of AutoCAD 2D, navigating the CAD interface, setting up and creating drawings, and beyond. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this e-learning program will help you hone your technical drawing skills with a focus on communication and design development so you can excel in your field. particular. And the best part? The program is completely free.

Renewable energy is a big deal in today’s world, and if you’re looking to learn more about it, this engineering prep set can give you the knowledge you need to become a professional in the domain. You’ll learn the basics of wind turbines, how to become an ETAP and power system expert, what it takes to design a solar water pumping system, and much more. And since all 12 dynamic courses in the set are led by professional engineers, including Ahmed Mahdy, who was named one of the top 10% most engaging instructors by Udemy, you can rest assured that your training is between good hands.

Whether you want to get a job at that upscale cafe down the street or just want to impress your household with artisan lattes every morning, this 2-course barista training package will turn you into a coffee bean expert in no time. of time. From free latte art to an in-depth understanding of the bean roasting process, this leading online learning platform will provide you with comprehensive training and even respected accreditations recognized around the world. And at the deeply discounted price of just $29, it could be a worthwhile investment for any coffee lover who wants to learn more about the beloved art of coffee making.

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Karen O. Fielding