The Ministry of Health launches an online program to help pregnant patients across Quebec

A significant number of pregnancies in Quebec are not tracked during the first trimester, and the government is looking to change that with a new online service.

My pregnancy is part of all of our actions to better support families in Quebec and positively influence the life trajectory of all children and offer them a better start,” said Lionel Carmant, the province’s deputy health minister. , in a statement Thursday.

Mom Pregnancywhich means “my pregnancy” in French, was launched on February 28 “to better meet the needs of pregnant women in Quebec,” the statement said.

Those who are pregnant are invited to go to the provincial site and fill out a form, allowing “quick, free and confidential access to information and services adapted to their needs”, indicates the site.

“Using My Pregnancyyou allow health and social services establishments to better understand the services needed by all pregnant women, newborns and young families in Québec. »

Identify upstream needs

The objective is to identify the needs of each patient from the start of pregnancy, by offering support and follow-up until the birth of the baby.

“According to recent data, nearly a quarter of pregnant Quebec women did not have obstetrical follow-up during their first trimester of pregnancy,” indicated the Ministry of Health. “The first trimester is the best time to offer certain screening exams.”

Quebec residents can fill out the form online as soon as they learn they are pregnant, the ministry said, and anyone who is having trouble filling out the form is encouraged to contact their local community health center (CLSC). .

Once this form is completed, the press release indicates that patients will have access to obstetric follow-up from the first trimester and relevant health information for the parents and the baby.

Those who sign up will also get information about free services in their area, such as prenatal classes and breastfeeding preparation.

They will also have access to other services such as free multivitamins and food and help to quit smoking.

Karen O. Fielding