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Rocky View Schools (RVS), two online schools, now have permanent names: Discovery Trails Online School and Summit Trails Online High School.

According to Board Chair Fiona Gilbert, “These new school names reflect the unique nature of our online learning environments and evoke a sense of exploration and achievement as students progress from year to year. the other.

Bob Rodgers, principal of the online school Discovery Trails, explains that although his school does not operate in a brick-and-mortar building, the experience is similar to that of a traditional in-person classroom.

“We are doing live lessons, synchronously with our kids and on Zoom calls. The teacher and the students are live with each other, the screens are on, the teachers are talking to the students and they have this interaction.

According to Rodgers, parents told him that if it wasn’t for this school, their children wouldn’t be in school for various reasons.

The word ‘trails’ reflects the learning journey that students undertake from primary school and its use in both school names creates a connection between the two. A sense of continuity is evoked by the two names, with young students engaging in discovery as they journey to the pinnacle of their RVS learning, culminating in high school before setting off on new journeys.

The 2021-2022 school year was the inaugural year for these schools, with Discovery Trails serving approximately 440 students in grades 1-9 and Summit Trails serving approximately 200 students.

A key point Rodgers made about these online schools is that you don’t have to live in Rocky View County to attend.

“If we have a student in the far north of Alberta, we’ll create a home for him, if he thinks that’s something that would work for him.

Enrollment is currently open for these online schools, RVS recommends taking a look at the new option.

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Karen O. Fielding