Online schools are home to India’s next talent pools

To call a spade a spade, online schools house a talent pool and simultaneously spend time honing students’ early skills so they can make a name for themselves in the world.

Junior Super Singer StarmaaRecently, student of ed-tech start-up The Class of One, D. Saaveri, participated in Star Maa’s singing reality show Super Star Singer, where she received awards. praise for his melodious vocals and outstanding vocals by music legend KS Chitra. It shows a symbolic picture of how online schools have reshaped the trajectory of education in India.

A chasm of opportunity lies at the end of the spectrum, which is not limited to the spherical scope of bookish knowledge. Online schools have tried very hard to explore and harness the full talent potential of students from an early age and provide them with a platform for the same. career by passion.

Likewise, TCO1 has a dedicated holistic talent building program to cover different types of talent and focus on building each of them. It is a normative practice in TCO1 to push the limits of children and push them to exceed their potential

.Divya Jain, Founder of TCO1, said, “TCO1 has always given equal importance to nurturing children’s artistic and creative talents and encouraging them to improve themselves. The Class of One has always taken a flexible approach to motivating students to explore and engage with multiple interests.

Saaveri’s precocious singing talent was always nurtured and honed by teachers, and we are proud that she has come a long way and achieved so much at such a tender age. . Over the years, he’s amassed a range of talents who have found the right support to become overnight hits.

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Karen O. Fielding