Offline or online? Schools face exam mode dilemma : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Deepkamal Kaur

Jalandhar, February 22

As the current academic session in the schools draws to a close and the final exam is about to begin, authorities have a mixed view of how the exams will be conducted. While some schools have already started with online exams, others have announced that they will only take the exams offline. A few others have decided to go by parental will, offering both online and offline exam options.


Students in classes IX and XI are already taking the exams offline. We told the parents of the other classes to also send their children to school as we will be taking their exam offline from February 28th. — Rashmi Vij, Director of the DAV Public Police Academy

Parents say they will now send their children to schools from the new term. We sent them consent forms and we expect only 30-40% will opt for an offline exam, with the rest preferring the online-only mode. — Rajiv Paliwal, Principal, Innocent Hearts School

Since the vaccination is only available for ages 15 and older, most students covered in this age group are from class IX onwards.

The school authorities who take the exam online or give the option to choose between the two modes are the ones who are a little wary of the situation, despite the number of Covid cases which is falling every day.

St Joseph’s Convent School is already taking online student exams and they are expected to have completed by the end of this week. Being an ICSE school, its academic calendar remains a bit advanced. Even before the government announced the opening of schools from class VI, the school had already distributed the date sheet for the online exam and therefore it decided to continue with a timetable already announcement.

The DAV Public School of Police, on the other hand, plans to take the exam only in offline mode. “All of our classes have started in offline mode recently. We are getting good student attendance in almost all classes except junior level. parents of other classes to send their children to school as we will take their exam offline from February 28,” Principal Rashmi Vij said.

Schools, which only offer the option of an offline exam, are of the view that a true reality check of students’ level of understanding and assessment can only be done if they take an exam. offline. Although they gave the students a good lesson to be honest with themselves and not open their books at the time of the online exam, the copying was widespread and the students forgot how to learn and prepare for the exam.

Delhi Public School Principal Ritu Kaul said she announced that the school will conduct offline exams from February 28. “Only children with real problems will be granted an exception to not come to school. While waiting for the start of exams, we have launched a ‘Bridge the gap’ program for students. Our teachers are reviewing all the concepts of basis of each subject so that children can better understand things in the physical mode of the classroom,” she said.

Authorities at Innocent Hearts School, however, maintained that despite the school opening, a large number of parents were still not ready to send their wards. Principal Rajiv Paliwal said, “Parents are saying that since it is the end of the session, they would now send their children to school from the new session. They also hope that vaccination of children aged 12 to 14 can also begin by then. Therefore, we sent out consent forms to parents and predict that only 30-40% of parents would opt for an offline exam, with the rest preferring the online-only mode. »

Karen O. Fielding