New online courses launched by Education For All in India

To help students in their careers, the online offering provides access to top programs such as Pluralsight For Developers and more.

Education For All In India (EFA), the comprehensive education portal and resource, has launched online courses that provide access to programs such as Pluralsight For Developers that enable students to pursue their professional interests.

Education for All in India came into existence with the intention of offering crucial information on various aspects of school education in the country. It was started by Prof. Arun C Mehta, who has worked with NIEPA, Delhi and has over four decades of experience in the field. The resource is driven by the goal of achieving universal school education in terms of access, participation, retention and quality of education.

And this is something that EFA India Featureshare & Masterclass online courses are striving to achieve in these testing times. While online courses were already growing in popularity, they took on new importance after the Covid-19 pandemic. With schools and colleges also shifting to online learning mode, many students have time to further their education and achieve their career goals.

EFA India’s online skill-sharing and masterclass courses provide students with many benefits. There is a wide range of programs that students can choose from depending on their specific interests and goals. Interestingly, in addition to course materials, online programs help students learn different types of skills, including self-motivation and time management. They are highly sought after by employers as they enter their professional careers.

Although studying on campus or at an institute facilitates peer learning, it has its limitations. But that is not the case with EFA India Featured Skillshare & Masterclass online courses which provide students with global exposure in the truest sense of the world. To be able to learn from experts around the world to interact and collaborate with international cohorts; they are the perfect platform to gain global experience.

Real-time learning, developing their overall personality, developing critical thinking skills, and gaining technical insights into specific areas are just some of the benefits students can gain from online courses. line. For example, those who want to make their mark in the dynamic world of software development can opt for Pluralsight For Developers, one of the most popular programs in the world.

With software and technology changing at a rapid pace, the cutting-edge course helps students keep up to date with the latest in the field. The top-ranked course offers students the flexibility to customize their learning based on their interests. It’s a great choice for integrating software development learning into an engaging and interactive environment to take their skills to the next level.

Education for All in India has been a forerunner in information and access for students. And now, with its online courses, it offers them a vital advantage to boost their career prospects.

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Education For All In India was developed and is maintained by Professor Arun C Mehta, an academic with over four decades of experience, this comprehensive resource offers valuable information on various aspects of school education in India.


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