How to watch Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2022 online schedule

The Tokyo Game Show returns this year with a showcase full of Japanese developers. One of the guests of honor is Capcom, the publisher of popular series like Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Some fans are eager to learn more about their favorite franchises, but those in the West might worry that they won’t be able to watch the publisher’s showcase due to the time difference between the United States and Japan. Luckily, the TGS schedule lines up just enough for those who have room in their morning schedule, depending on which coast you’re on. Here’s how to watch Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2022 online schedule and what games will be in attendance.

When is the TGS 2022 Capcom online program?

The TGS2022 Capcom Online Program will take place on September 15 at 7:00 a.m. PT and will bring you news on the latest Capcom titles.

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The Capcom Tokyo Game Show Showcase airs at 10 a.m. ET on September 15. It is broadcast live from the Capcom United States YouTube channel and each of the Twitch channels dedicated to featured games. The entire Tokyo Game Show itself starts much earlier due to jet lag, but Westerners should still be able to catch the showcase at this mid-morning time.

What to expect from the TGS 2022 Capcom Online Program

The Capcom Tokyo Game Show Showcase features deep dives into these upcoming titles:

  • Street Fighter 6
  • exoprimal
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

The Capcom program should last around 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for each title. Capcom developers will be on hand to provide detailed information about their respective titles, more than viewers have been able to glean from the trailers thus far. These five games were the only ones mentioned up front, but the wording of the promotional material implies there could be more.

What not to expect from the TGS 2022 Capcom Online Program

Do not expect to hear about games other than those mentioned in Capcom’s TGS-related promotional materials. If the social media page for the game in question includes an ad for TGS, chances are it will be there. If not, don’t expect any surprises. There could be more games, given how often the gaming industry pulls the “and one more thing” thing, but that’s not guaranteed. Capcom was also candid about its route during its E3 2021 stream, which didn’t include any unexpected announcements.

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