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As an instructor, you may be wondering how to upload your course and lecture materials. Your institution is probably already using a learning management system as part of its eLearning initiative. Since higher education in the UK and Ireland has widely adopted LMS implementation and mostly prefers Moodle, Canva or Blackboard, you know where to publish your courses.

However, you may not know how to approach the field of e-learning and exactly what will help you prepare your material for online delivery. So why beat around the bush? You want something quick and easy to turn your stacks of slides into eLearning in a snap.

Below, you’ll find a quick and easy way to convert presentations to online classes in three steps.

1. Create courses in PowerPoint

You can actually create courses using PowerPoint – and make the slides web-ready on the spot. This is possible with a free PowerPoint add-in like iSpring Free. You can install it now via the link – only your email is required.

As the name suggests, this tool is free and makes your presentations ready to be displayed in an LMS or simply in a browser.

This will be useful if you:

  • You want a practical, no-frills tool
  • Have a zero budget
  • You want to avoid administrative formalities in your establishment

iSpring Free integrates with your PowerPoint. You don’t need to master complex software or learn to code – you just keep using PowerPoint, which most college computers have.

With iSpring Free, you can use your usual presentation as the basis of your course and enrich it with quizzes, Wikipedia articles or YouTube videos. All of this is possible in a single toolbar in PowerPoint and is completely intuitive.

2. Add interactive quizzes

You can improve learner engagement with interactive quizzes. iSpring Free’s quiz feature provides the essentials for effective online learning. For example, you can create an engaging survey or quiz for your learners with the pre-made multiple choice, multiple answer, and short answer question templates.

You can leave quizzes unscored for surveys or apply points and passing scores to tests. You can also randomize questions, shuffle answers, or set a time limit to prevent cheating.

Don’t forget to activate the answer feedback option and provide a message to your learners after each correct or incorrect answer. You can explain the answer, give a hint, or share a fun fact.

You and your learners can receive reports of their quiz results sent by email. Or, if you upload the course to your LMS, you can track learner success in more detail. If you’re ready to explore other types of interactive quizzes and want to create comprehensive dialogue simulations to test your learners’ knowledge, consider using a comprehensive iSpring Suite authoring tool.

3. Convert courses to SCORM or HTML5

With iSpring Free, you can transform your slides into the following online formats: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (for LMSs), and HTML5 (for browsers). Whatever format you need, if your presentation contains effects, triggers, and animations, they’ll stay intact and play beautifully on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Converting PPT to HTML5 or SCORM works immediately. By simply opening your existing presentation and pressing Publishyou can convert it to the required format.

In the Publish window, select how you want to publish your file.

If you need an eLearning course for an LMS, choose the LMS tab. iSpring Free is compatible with SCORM-based LMSs, and you can upload your ZIP file to any of them, including Moodle.

To publish your file to the web, select My computer.

Congratulations! It’s that easy to create your first online course!


In conclusion, here is a brief overview of what iSpring Free allows you to do:

  • Convert PPT to HTML5 format for taking courses on mobile and desktop devices
  • Create online quizzes (3 types of questions) to check knowledge
  • Enrich courses with YouTube videos and web objects (articles and links)
  • Publish content to SCORM 1.2 and 2004 for distribution through an LMS

iSpring Free is a robust aid for teachers of any experience level. It is available for free, with no credit card required. Start using it immediately and create online courses today!

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Karen O. Fielding