Grant helps Kentucky colleges improve online courses

FRANKFURT, Ky. – A new grant from the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education is helping public colleges and universities ensure their online course offerings are of high quality and prepare students for success. The CPE provided $10,000 in funding for institutions to achieve Quality Matters (QM) certification for online courses.

“The pandemic has accelerated the growing popularity of online courses, and we need to ensure that students who take these courses experience active and engaged learning,” said CPE Vice President of Academic Affairs Melissa Bell. “The Quality Matters certification ensures that these courses meet high standards, and I am delighted that we have been able to help our colleges and universities take this step. »

Quality management standards are research-based and based on best practices to maintain the quality of course design. Courses were reviewed either by fellow faculty members or by QM staff using the QM Rubric and other standardized tools. As part of the process, reviewers can provide suggestions for improvement.

Supporting the development of effective online courses reinforces the state’s goal for 60 percent of Kentuckians to have a high-quality degree or credential by 2030. Bell said online courses provide flexibility both traditional college-aged students and non-traditional adult learners.

“To raise the level of education in Kentucky, we need to break down the barriers to getting a degree,” Bell said. “It is essential to increase the availability of well-designed online courses and to increase the confidence of students and employers in these courses.

The following courses have been certified through the scholarship:

  • Western Kentucky UniversityLEAD 530 Organizational ChangeMATH 136 Calculus I
  • South Central Kentucky Community and Technical CollegeENG 102 English Composition II
  • Eastern Kentucky UniversityIDL 800 Introduction to the Profession
  • University of Northern KentuckyMGT 308 Global Strategic SourcingHSC 410 Health Care ManagementSWK 602 Human Behavior and Social EnvironmentMGT 641 Supply Chain ManagementCMST 303 Organizational Communication

“Maintaining the highest quality in our online courses is of utmost importance to Northern Kentucky University as a student-ready institution committed to meeting its learners where they are,” said Matt Cecil. , Executive Vice President of NKU and Vice President of Academic Affairs. “This funding and certification will help us ensure that we continue to provide the best educational experiences for each of our learners that will prepare them to pursue fulfilling lives and careers after graduation.”

The grant was provided through the Governor’s Education Emergency Relief Fund.

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Karen O. Fielding