Cleveland School of Cannabis launches online program for home marijuana growers

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — The Cleveland School of Cannabis has trained hundreds of workers in the medical marijuana industry. Now he has a program that teaches people how to grow marijuana at home where it’s legal, which doesn’t include Ohio.

The school is launching My First Plant, a 16-week course that will also teach students how to grow hemp, which can be grown legally at home in Ohio with the proper license. Due to Ohio law, California-based instructors will teach the course remotely.

Kevin Greene, Vice President of the School of Cannabis, said the course is also a great introduction to growing hemp. A farmer in Ohio, for example, might want to start with My First Plant before devoting acres to a new crop.

In all 18 states and Washington, DC, where growing marijuana is legal, Greene said home cultivation could generate huge savings. A person with a serious illness may need $500 to $600 worth of medical cannabis per month, depending on state and taxes, he said.

Learning to grow at home is also about equity, he said, and it opens up access to more people.

The program may be more applicable in places like Michigan, where medical marijuana patients have been able to grow a limited number of plants at home. Although the legalization of recreational marijuana has opened it up to all residents over the age of 21.

My first plant costs $2,700 and comes with a turnkey kit that includes a grow tent, lights, soil, nutrient pots, and marijuana or hemp seeds, again depending on local country laws. students.

Greene said the first course, which begins Sept. 19, will accept about 20 students. It can be found at

The School of Cannabis opened in Independence in 2017 and around 750 students have graduated since then. Greene said more than 60% worked in medical marijuana.

In the early years, students had to learn how to grow marijuana by growing other plants, such as tomatoes, because the school could not legally grow marijuana.

Greene said the school had obtained the necessary licenses to grow hemp over the past few months, giving students something closer to the real plant to practice on. The school planted about 600 seeds and built a hemp laboratory.

Training programs at the School of Cannabis last six months for full-time students and eight to nine months for part-time students, Greene said.

He said the best resource for Ohioans interested in growing hemp is the state Department of Agriculture. The agency has more information on

Karen O. Fielding