Best Online Schools for Graduate Studies in Canada, 2022

Full-time courses for graduate studies are expensive. Apart from tuition fees, the expenses of living in another place away from your family are heavy. While full-time courses have obvious advantages over online courses, online schools have advantages. You can maintain your job and income while completing the course. You will also find it easier to maintain a work-life balance. Online programs in Canada cost much less than their full-time counterparts. Although fees for international students are higher, Canada’s education system is one of the best in the world. So joining and online in Canada is definitely worth it!

Here is our list of the best online schools for graduate studies in Canada:

  1. Athabasca University
    This accredited institution offers several undergraduate and graduate programs and numerous professional development courses. So, you can enroll in all kinds of courses for your career growth. Degrees from this university are highly valued in the labor market. You can use their consulting services to choose the program or course that suits you best. Tuition fees are reasonable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  2. Thompson Rivers University
    This reputable university is proud to be a member of the British Columbia transfer system and Universities Canada. All of its programs are among the most affordable online programs in Canada. You can pursue a certificate, diploma or course for one of the different specializations. You can also take short courses to learn more about a specific area of ​​interest within a specialization.
    The courses they offer cover the following specializations:
    Business and management studies
    Education and social work
    General studies
    Health Sciences
    Feeding with milk

  1. Teluq University Canada
    French is one of Canada’s official languages. Thus, several universities offer courses in French. They are excellent for those who prefer to speak French. Teluq University is the only accredited French-language university that offers all of its courses remotely. Although students must appear for supervised exams, these take place at locations close to their residence. They offer 125 programs and 400 courses in areas such as:
    Cognitive Computing
    Distance education and educational sciences
    Health, public policies and population
    The social and organizational challenges of the knowledge economy
    Society, culture and communication

  1. Laurentian University
    Laurentian University is known for its wide selection of programs and courses – it offers 27 degree programs and over 500 courses. And all these courses are available in English and French. All the courses and programs they offer are among the most affordable in the country. And prospective students can apply for financial aid even for online courses.

  2. University of Fredericton
    The diploma, degree and certificate programs offered by the University of Fredericton are completely online. It is an accredited university whose MBA and EMBA programs are recognized under the Degree Granting Act. It is the only university that offers specialized business accreditation, from associate’s to doctoral programs. The University of Fredericton is known for its low tuition fees.

  3. Royal Roads University
    Although centered on technology, Royal Roads University also considers environmental sustainability as one of its core values. The LTRM (learning, teaching and research model) is essential to their success. You can choose to pursue any of their undergraduate degrees, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, and graduate courses online. The course curriculum is highly regarded as it is designed by seasoned field experts. And online programs and courses are inexpensive.

  4. University of Manitoba
    The first university in Western Canada was founded nearly 140 years ago. Students from over 100 countries have studied at the University of Manitoba. While most students take full-time courses, the university offers over 140 online courses. Some of the most sought after online degree and certificate programs at the University of Manitoba are:
    Bachelor of Social Work
    Certificate in Business Analysis
    Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies: ETL (Emerging Technologies for Learning)
    Certificate in Human Resource Management

More, Here are some more recognized online schools for higher education in Canada:

  • Memorial University Canada

  • University of New Brunswick

  • Royal Military College of Canada

  • Canada West University (UCW)

  • Canada eSchool

  • Queen’s University Canada

and TThe following universities are known for their low tuition fees:

  • Athabasca University

  • Thompson Rivers University

  • Laurentian University

  • University of Fredericton

  • Royal Roads University

  • Canada eSchool

  • Queen’s University Canada

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