Bellevue College’s HCML Bachelor’s Named Among Best Online Programs | New

Bellevue College’s Bachelor of Health Care Management and Leadership (HCML) program prepares students to enter the growing field of health care management. Recently, he was appointed by the health administration a leading online bachelor’s degree program in healthcare administration for 2022.

HCML students can choose between two pathways to obtain their Bachelor of Applied Science: General Healthcare Management and Radiation and Imaging Management. Students are admitted twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. The HCML bachelor’s degree takes two years for full-time students and three years for part-time students. Click on here for eligibility requirements.

The program has been exclusively online since its inception in 2016. Being fully online and asynchronous allows students to log in at any time, making the program – which offers full-time and part-time options – convenient for students from different time zones. such as those who may work, have a family or other obligations. There are, however, team assignments and projects that require students to coordinate their schedules in order to work together.

HCML has also been recognized for its affordability, in part because international students are able to afford in-state tuition. In 2021, the program was ranked seventh in the list of Top 100 Affordable Healthcare Management Programs by university headquarters. And the previous year, the program was named the best affordable college for a healthcare management degree by Affordable Schools.

During the program and after earning a BC HCML degree, students and alumni have completed an internship or worked at various organizations including Swedish Medical Center, University of Washington, Microsoft, Amazon, EvergeenHealth, Harborview Medical Center , Overlake Hospital , and Mayo Clinic.

Karen O. Fielding